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Lake Kariba memories ...

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Memories made at the lake last a lifetime.


Live Love Lake

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I'd rather stay and work than go to the lake ... said no one ever! canoeing02

Lake Kariba rules!

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Lake Rules:


Skip a stone


Just breathe

Take a walk

Make new memories

That's lake living ...

Valentines Day

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Coldplay has a song that goes "Look at the stars ... look how they shine for you ..."  Imagine sitting on the beach at the edge of the lake with your sweetheart, star gazing under the velvet sky.  Valentines Day is not long off - come and celebrate at Eagles Rest Resort with our dreamy Valentines package.

Rain on a hot tin roof

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Rain drumming on the roof after a hot afternoon is music to the ears at Eagles Rest Resort.  Come and join us for our half price special.

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